Worried About

memory loss?

Many of us notice that our memory gets worse as we get older. Usually, this is just a natural part of aging. However, memory loss that starts to impact daily life could be an early sign of Alzheimer's disease.

The TANGO Study is for people who are beginning to experience problems with memory (called mild cognitive impairment) and want to find out why, as well as for those who have been diagnosed with mild Alzheimer’s disease. The study is evaluating the potential effectiveness of an investigational drug to see if it may help slow or reduce memory problems.

For more information about this clinical research study and to see if it may be an option for you or a loved one, please take our memory test.

Take the Memory Test


1Memory loss that
disrupts daily life
2 Challenges in planning
or solving problems
3 Difficulty completing
familiar tasks
4 Confusion with
time or place
5 Trouble understanding
visual images and
spatial relationships
6New problems finding words
when speaking or writing
7 Misplacing things and losing
the ability to retrace steps
8 Decreased or
poor judgment
9 Withdrawal from
work or social activities
10 Changes in mood
and personality

If you are concerned about any of these symptoms, you may want to find out if you are eligible to take part in the TANGO Study which is evaluating a potential new drug for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) due to Alzheimer’s disease or mild Alzheimer’s disease.